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This site was created in 2005 to fill a void on the Internet--a lack of a centralized spot to find information about Hammond (B-3) Organ playing, specifically the Hammond Organ in a Jazz Trio/Combo context.

What You'll Find

The major thrust here is pedagogical: How does one play the darn thing? The answer is unusually broad: one needs to grapple with the instrument's complex history as well as having command of the instrument's many technical challenges. (This won't be a great Jazz Organ history site, but I'll try to point you in the right direction.)

The B-3's Rich Heritage

Consider the multidimensional nature of the Hammond B-3. This instrument sits right at the intersection of several different Musical traditions:

You'll find, therefore, there are many influences. Most of the content here is Jazz-oriented, but remember that Jazz's sphere of influence is large enough to incorporate elements of all these styles.

Pedagogy of the B-3

Learning to play the instrument is a foreign task to many; there were (and are) a lot of secrets and mysterious techniques out there. In the past 10-15 years the instrument has experienced something of a revival, bringing about a slight increase in the number of available publications and play-alongs, but more information is always needed.

You'll find tips and exercises here, as well as reviews and suggestions for additional learning materials.